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GF105 Tubular centrifuge

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Product description:

Tubular Separator is mainly used for separating all kinds of suspension which is difficult to be separated, especially suitable for separation of solid-liquid suspension with light concentration, heavy viscosity, fine particles and very small differential gravity of the two phases. such as clarification of herbs plants extracts, various medicine liquor, liquid medicine, oral liquid, the extraction of paint, dye, as well as various proteins, alga, fruit gels, and purification of rubber solution, coal tar, graphite, saponin, pectin, sirup, vaccine mycelia and all kinds of glucose; refining resin, and latex solution, enzyme (SOD) of oxide, various kinds of albumens, the glucoside of the soap, etc.

The separator consists of machine body, driving part, bowl, liquid collecting tray and liquid inlet bearing seat etc. On top of the bowl is the flexible spindle and at the bottom is the damping floating bearing. The spindle is coupled with driven wheel by buffer on the coupling seat. The motor transmit power to the driven wheel through drive belt and tension wheel, thus for the blow to rotate around its own axis at high speed, to form a strong centrifugal force field. The material is injected inside from the liquid inlet at the bottom, and the centrifugal force compels the clarification liquid to flow upwards along the inner wall of bowl, and the clarification liquid flows out from the outlet. The solid deposit in the bowl and it will be discharged by manual after the machine is shut down.

Structure diagram:


GF model: Liquid with big density forms the outer liquid circle, while liquid with small density forms the inner circle. Then liquid will flow out of the upper outlet accordingly, and those little solid will be deposited on the drum wall, and be removed by manual after machine stops.

Inner Bowl diameter
105 mm
730 mm
Sediment Volume
Speed of the Bowl
Max. Separation Factor
Nozzle Diameter of Liquid Inlet
4 / 6 / 8
Liquid Inlet Pressure
Motor Type
Motor Power
2.2 kw
380V, 50Hz, 3phases
All parts contact material & surface are made of 304 .

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